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What exactly does it mean to be local in this new world? Where you pay property taxes probably has something to do with it. Where you play and have fun is part of the definition. And where your family gathers is also important, as is where you stop and talk to neighbours. So, too, is getting to know local shop- and restaurant owners.

It’s all part of being local. But maybe the most important part of ‘localness’ is knowing where to turn when you need help, when you have a health emergency, or when your community needs you. When you’re really local, you know.

The local community healthcare provided here in Muskoka through Muskoka Algonquin Health Care is second to none when it comes to serving as a hub of excellence in this region of Ontario. If you’ve ever had to visit either the Huntsville Hospital or South Muskoka Memorial Hospital, you’ve experienced it firsthand. 


Muskoka Hospitals are Community Hospitals


Quality, well-staffed local health care is as important to people who live here on and off through the year as it is to people who live here year-round. There’s no difference in that.

Great community hospitals are economic drivers and critical assets for our business owners who have to attract employees in competitive times. Local health care is like a warm, comfortable security blanket for everyone.


Muskoka hospitals operating room
Muskoka’s hospitals provide first-rate healthcare services to full-time and seasonal residents


It is also true that health care here in Muskoka, as well as the two Muskoka hospitals, are as dependent on community giving as any hospital anywhere. With generous donations, our technology can be updated. Local giving means we can attract medical professionals who know how to use that advanced technology.


Full- or Part-time Local? You Matter


Our equipment can be replaced, our treatment can be more effective. All thanks to you being and thinking local. Tax dollars don’t cover most local hospital technology or equipment. The community steps up for that. All locals, full- and part-time alike.

One of our best-known physicians said not so long ago that our hospital provides big-city healthcare with the compassion of a small town. We achieve that because you give locally, and you give every year.


Staff using equipment at Muskoka hospitals
Local giving helps attract experienced medical professionals to Muskoka


Live local, act local, enjoy local – and please, continue to give to local health care for the good of us all.

For more information on how you can get involved with one of your local Muskoka hospitals, whether as a volunteer or through a gift or donation, visit the Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare website at




LuxuryMuskoka is proud to support our local Huntsville and Bracebridge hospitals. We’re local, we live and work here, and have benefitted greatly from the first-rate healthcare services our hospitals and their staff provide. Do you have a story you’d like to celebrate about your healthcare experience in Muskoka? If so, drop us a line.   


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