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If you haven’t yet experienced the annual Cottage Country spectacle known as the Muskoka Fall colours, now’s your chance.

The Muskoka region is famous for its vivid Fall colours, when for a few weeks each year the normal sea of green is transformed by a stunning display of rich yellows, golds, and countless shades of red and orange. It’s a magical time to visit this already lovely area, with nature’s rich display reflected on Muskoka’s lakes providing a stunning backdrop as you enjoy the many fun things to do here.

When do the Muskoka Fall colours appear? A general rule of thumb sees the first splashes of colour appearing on the region’s numerous maple trees toward mid-September, reaching their peak in the weeks leading up to (and just after) Thanksgiving.

Be sure to read through our fun tips on how to make the most of a visit to Ontario’s cottage country to see the Muskoka Fall colurs. You can also find out more by visiting Muskoka Tourism’s handy Fall Colour Report.


The Muskoka Fall Colours Guide


Enjoy a Fall Driving Tour: What could be better than jumping in the car for a Muskoka Fall colours driving tour around Muskoka’s lakes? Except, perhaps, stopping for a lakeside picnic or a spot of shopping along the way.    

Take a Cruise: From classic steamships to modern cruisers, from canoes and kayaks to pleasant pontoon boat rentals, there’s nothing quite like seeing Muskoka’s spectacular Fall colours from its miles of unspoiled lakes and rivers.  

Put on Your Hiking Boots: From Algonquin Park’s nature trails to pleasant town paths and boardwalks, grab your running shoes or hiking boots and get out there.       

Play a Round of Golf: While Muskoka is a golfer’s paradise spring and summer, teeing off at one of the region’s top golf courses while enjoying a blazing backdrop of Fall Colours is an experience you’ll never forget.  

Partake in a Fall Dining Experience: There’s no better way to enjoy a meal at one of the region’s best restaurants than dining while overlooking a lake mirroring Muskoka’s splendid Fall colours.

Visit Muskoka’s Art Studios: Muskoka’s long been a draw for artists and artisans. Take the time to enjoy a Fall Studio Tour to see firsthand how Muskoka inspires creativity.     

Make a Weekend of it: From a romantic overnight stay at a quaint B&B to a longer break or getaway at a luxury Muskoka resort or lodge, Muskoka’s spectacular Fall colours provide the perfect catalyst for an intimate getaway.     

Enjoy Nature’s Rich Bounty: Muskoka’s known the world over for its homegrown food fare, including tasty treats like maple syrup and cranberries. But did you know Muskoka is also famous for its fine craft beers and wines? 

Enjoy Local Entertainment: From fun festivals to fabulous family-friendly Fall fairs, Muskoka’s a hotbed of excellent year-round entertainment opportunities.

Get Cultured, Be Creative: Nothing induces creativity quite like the beauty of Muskoka’s stunning Fall Colours. Check out the many concerts, fun festivals and literary events happening throughout Muskoka this Fall.      




Writer Kim Kerr is an expert on luxury lifestyles and is a resident of Muskoka, Ontario.  


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