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The famous Canadian lake region of Muskoka has seen an immense increase in the popularity of weddings, specifically elopements and micro weddings.   

Practical matters aside, it is now trendy for couples to enjoy a very intimate wedding day or simply elope to cottage country. However, make no mistake, these are not simple and inconsequential ways of tying the knot. Elopements and micro weddings can be extremely luxurious and extravagant, fully bespoke, and perfectly tailored to the happy couple. In other words, a dream wedding!

Eloping or saying “I do” in an intimate wedding ceremony is a luxury on its own, as it allows the happy couple to do everything on their own terms and really make the day only about them and their love for each other.

According to Canadian Google Search Trends, the number of searches for ‘micro weddings’ has increased by 800 percent since 2020. No wonder that the Muskoka District has seen an increased number of wedding planners, photographers, DJs, and other vendors ready to serve this ever-growing segment. Micro weddings might be here to stay, as of mid-2022 the search trends continue. 



Nothing says luxury like Muskoka, and therefore it is not surprising that some of the best elopement and intimate wedding venues are located in this magical lake region of Ontario.  Muskoka’s natural beauty is unparalleled and provides an amazing elopement and intimate wedding backdrop from the start.

Cottage Country has more than a thousand beautiful lakes, remarkable sunsets, enchanting forests, and mesmerizing waterfalls.  Moreover, Muskoka is breathtaking in every season: think ice queen bride in the winter or the juxtaposition of the gorgeous amber and gold foliage of Fall with a crisp white wedding dress. 

Coupled with its natural beauty, Muskoka also boasts world-class hotels, luxurious waterfront homes and cottages, elegant spas, great restaurants, and so much more. It has been called the ‘Hamptons of the North’ and really is a luxury lovers paradise.

 The possibilities for fun things to do in Muskoka are endless. Antique boats, boho chick canoes, state-of-the-art speed boats, and helicopter rides can all be easily incorporated into an elopement or micro wedding celebration, making it extra stylish, luxurious, and special. 


How To Plan a Muskoka Wedding


One of the many advantages of planning an elopement or a micro wedding over a traditional wedding is the shorter time frame needed to bring the event to life. With focus, a vision, and the right people to assist, it can be done in as little as six weeks.

Just as with any wedding, planning an elopement or micro wedding starts with setting the date, finding a wedding planner, and deciding on a venue. The difference is that the choices are endless and unique – have the ceremony in front of a beautiful waterfall followed by an intimate sunset dinner on the beach. 

Since Muskoka already has an established wedding infrastructure, a quick Google search will yield many results for all wedding services and vendors available to make any vision a reality. Muskoka has a plethora of great local wedding planners, photographers, officiants, florists, hairstylists & makeup artists, dressmakers, caterers, and more.

In addition, the wedding venue chosen by the couple will have great vendor recommendations based on their past experiences. However, a pro tip is that the best vendors get booked quickly, so make sure to secure them as soon as you have reserved the venue. 


Muskoka’s Perfect Venues for Elopements and Micro Weddings


To help you, here’s a curated list of some of the most elegant and unique venues to consider when planning an elopement or a micro wedding in Muskoka. 


Muskoka Cottage, Lake Vernon

Muskoka Cottage dock wedding


This private luxury cottage located on the shores of beautiful Lake Vernon tis perfect for elopements and small cottage weddings and is magnificent inside and out. The living room features three-story cathedral ceilings, custom wooden beams, a grand chandelier, a fireplace, and spectacular views of Lake Vernon. 

The jewel of the property is a custom-crafted stone patio with unobstructed lake views, and the large dock provides a perfect setting for sunset viewing.  This luxury rental has all the features for a quintessential Muskoka elopement.

Additional information and booking details of this luxury Muskoka cottage can be found at


The Rockpine, Skeleton Lake

The Rockpine Muskoka micro wedding cottage


The cozy and stylish Rockpine property is available for rent on Airbnb and specializes in hosting dreamy elopements, small cottage weddings, and micro weddings. 

It is located in Utterson on the shores of Skeleton Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in Muskoka, and offers a very private and intimate setting.     

Learn more about The Rockpine here.


Water’s Edge, Utterson

Waters Edge is a popular choice for Muskoka micro weddings


Water’s Edge is a gorgeous waterfront luxury “treehouse” property that’s also available for rent on Airbnb.

The setting is very romantic, and the property has many great features such as an outdoor fireplace and hot tub.  This location is perfect for an elopement or a small cottage wedding. 

Check them out on Facebook at


Muskoka Soul, Gravenhurst

Muskoka Soul interior living room


This property in Gravenhurst has two lakefront cottages surrounded by beautiful forest making it a great venue choice for an intimate wedding, a cottage wedding, or an elopement. 

Learn more about this luxury Muskoka property at


Northridge Inn & Resort, Lake Bernard

Northridge Inn dining room ready for a Muskoka micro wedding


This hotel in Sundridge, just north of Huntsville, is located on Lake Bernard and has an effortlessly cool vibe about it, and the variety of accommodations it offers reflects that.

The hotel specializes in hosting elopements and micro weddings and has the expertise to make sure the day is a success.

LuxuryMuskoka Recommends: Check out Northridge Inn & Resort for the latest details, rates, and reservation details.


Sherwood Inn, Lake Joseph

Sherwood Inn outdoor Muskoka micro wedding with lake


This classy boutique hotel located on the shores of coveted Lake Joseph is a popular wedding venue. They do, however, offer customizable elopement and micro-wedding packages. 

LuxuryMuskoka Recommends: Check out our affiliate partner for the latest reviews and rates for Sherwood Inn.


Luxury Muskoka Honeymoons


If you are not planning a wedding in Muskoka, there is always the possibility of a Muskoka honeymoon! In a recent survey by travel website Expedia, 86 percent of honeymoon plans were postponed or impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey polled 2,000 Canadian couples. After being cooped up indoors, why not enjoy an activity-filled honeymoon?

Muskoka honeymooners will quickly realize that the beautiful lake region has dozens of luxurious venues offering honeymoon packages and a plethora of activities such as boat rides, spa packages, yoga retreats, watersports, horseback riding, tree top trekking, hiking, helicopter tours, and much more.

Muskoka offers an abundance of choices for planning the most unforgettable elopement or micro wedding.  Let your imagination run wild, make Muskoka your wedding destination, and it will surely surpass all your expectations. 




Guest Contributor Yana Yagupolsky is a writer for and a lover of travel and design.  Muskoka is one of her favourite places in the world, and she is passionate about sharing everything it has to offer with others. 

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