Cottagers in Muskoka are mindful they need to protect their boats, jet skis, and other water toys from the adverse effects of sun and rain. While adding a permanent building for storage is often the first thought, it isn’t the only option.

Many cottagers have been finding that a well-built awning is an ideal way to protect their watercraft and other items.

“We’re seeing it more than ever,” says Brian Beiers, sales manager and lead installer for Bracebridge-based Aquadome. “Our clients are choosing to add top quality awnings to their docks and boat slips – and even adding them to their boat houses – rather than add more permanent structures.”

Adding a frame and awning is a cost-efficient strategy, and has a low visual and physical impact on the shoreline.

“You don’t have to develop your whole waterfront to have a nice-looking structure protecting your boats,” says Brian.


Made-in-Muskoka Awnings Are a Great Alternative


Awnings are erected in the spring as soon as the ice is out and the water levels have stabilized. Once the season is over and the boats have been put away in storage – whether at a marina or inside the permanent boathouse structure – the awning is simply taken down and put away for winter, keeping it safe from Mother Nature’s fury.

“There are plenty of good reasons to choose an awning to protect your boats,” says Brian.


A Muskoka awning set aside a boathouse
Aquadome’s awnings can protect cottage toys of all sizes


One of Aquadome’s clients covered two of their four boat slips with 12-by-24 awnings. Brian says this size is common as it provides a bit of extra length to ensure most boats are fully protected.

Fitted with a tight canopy made from marine-grade fabric, Aquadome’s products have a well-deserved reputation for being strong and durable. There are 15 colour options for the canvas, which can blend into the design of your boathouse, cottage or home. The frame is made from aluminum.


A Well-deserved Reputation


Cantilevered boat awnings, car shelters, boat slip covers, as well as dock and deck shades are a cost-efficient way to protect your belongings. Awnings also provide an area for you and your loved ones to find shade and shelter.

They provide a defence against UV rays, sap, bird droppings and more. Sap and bird droppings can stick to your vehicle and leave stains if not immediately removed, while excess sun exposure will quickly fade wood, plastic, upholstery, and fibreglass.

Aquadome’s products are fabricated in their own facility in Bracebridge, so that each piece can be customized. Brian meets clients on site to determine the best location for the awning and get proper measurements – even double-wide boat slips can be covered. Other options include zippered roll-up side shades to keep out the driving rain or pollen.

“We make sure they’re the perfect fit for your home or cottage well before installation.”  

To learn more, visit Aquadome’s website at www.aquadome.ca.




Contributor Occhiuzzi is a staff writer at Dockside Publishing and founder of Muskoka Unlimited


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