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Connoisseurs of artwork created with vision, passion, and using a variety of media, are in for a treat this summer in Muskoka.

Muskoka Unlimited is presenting two shows featuring nearly 30 artists who display works on their virtual gallery. Live events and exhibitions allow the public – and potential art collectors – to get the full emotional experience of the pieces, says Muskoka Unlimited founder Chris Occhiuzzi.

“Exhibitions allow us to expose our artists to a wider audience, as well as letting our online audience get closer to the works they love,” explains Occhiuzzi. “We curated the shows with themes and parameters to offer quite different experiences to those visiting. We’re excited at the opportunities we were presented with this year.”


Muskoka Art Events: TOGETHER in Huntsville


The first show of the year is titled TOGETHER and will be held throughout June and parts of July at the Huntsville Festival of the Arts Studio.

This show is part of the Huntsville Art Crawl, which has connected businesses and local artists from throughout Muskoka in Downtown Huntsville to promote each other to the public.

The HFA Studio was the site of the Muskoka Unlimited Winter Art Market in December, and Festival executive director Dan Watson thought it would make a great spot for another show, says Occhiuzzi.


How do I look - Muskoka art events
‘How do I look’ by by Michele Bertin is just one of the many fascinating artworks on display at TOGETHER 


“I have to give Dan a big thank you for providing us a space to showcase these amazing pieces,” he says. “We’ve put together a really nice mix of styles and visitors are sure to find something they absolutely love.”

An initiative sparked by the Huntsville Festival of the Arts, the Art Crawl is a collaborative effort which includes support from the Downtown Huntsville BIA, the Huntsville Art Society, Muskoka Unlimited, and the  Huntsville Art Crawl is a collaboration between the Huntsville Municipal Accommodation Tax Association.

To learn more about the Art Crawl, visit: And for a sneak preview of the TOGETHER exhibition, take a look at this photo gallery:


BALANCE at the Discovery Centre Gravenhurst


Running rivers, lakeside scenery, tremendous wildlife and more of Muskoka’s natural environment often inspire artists to create amazing pieces.

The upcoming art exhibition at the Discovery Centre in the Town of Gravenhurst will showcase artwork inspired by various aspects of nature. Titled BALANCE, the exhibition is scheduled to run from July 30 through August 27, 2021, at the Discovery Centre in Gravenhurst.

Each piece will be selected from those featured on the Muskoka Unlimited website, while there will surely be some last-minute additions to the event. Get a sneak peak of the potential pieces by visiting


Warmth of Hudson muskoka art events
Warmth of Hudson by Chantelle Poisson will be featured during the Huntsville Art Crawl


The online art gallery and creative hub features over 150 exclusive works, as well as a variety of books from local authors. Muskoka Unlimited Founder Chris Occhiuzzi was inspired by the Discovery Centre’s focus on sustainability when selecting the theme of the show.

He notes that all people should be attempting to find balance between themselves and their natural surroundings, and he hopes that art can help provide inspiration along the way.

“With credit to artist JF Kuehnen for coming up with the title, when exploring themes I thought about the various exhibitions at the Discovery Centre, specifically the new Watershed Wonders area,” says Occhiuzzi. “My idea was to showcase art inspired by Muskoka’s landscape, wildlife and plant species. Let’s face it, we could all use more balance in our lives.”

Be sure to check out these superb Muskoka art events… and keep it local!




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