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One of only a handful of resorts located within the gates of Algonquin Park, dining at Arowhon Pines is a truly unforgettable experience. Located inside a vast, six-sided log building dating back to 1938, the resort’s first-rate dining room boasts incredible panoramic views of Joe Lake and the dense surrounding forest. The interior is equally stunning thanks to the towering stone fireplace that serves as its centerpiece.

Open to non-residents for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Arowhon serves sumptuous Canadian meals made with a European flare. Seasonal ingredients are always used, many sourced on the resort itself, including edible flowers, herbs and rhubarb. Hearty and wholesome, the ever-changing menu often includes such delightful meat dishes as pork, lamb and venison, while fish lovers will enjoy fresh salmon or grouper, served alongside seasonal foraged foods such as fiddleheads and mushrooms.

Afterwards comes an endless array of delicious desserts including chocolate mousse, berry or rhubarb pies and that Canadian staple, butter tarts. (Best of all, if there’s something on the menu they really enjoyed, guests are encouraged to have second helpings.)

One final word: Algonquin Park doesn’t permit the serving of alcohol, so be sure to take your own favourite wine(s) (no corking fee is charged).

Arowhon Pines, Algonquin Provincial Park: 


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