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Muskoka Food and Drink 

Memorable food and  drink experiences await the tastebuds in ‘Cottage Country’ Muskoka


The Muskoka food and drink scene offers something entirely unique: incredible locally sourced produce and beverages served-up in some of the top restaurants in Ontario… accompanied by spectacular lake views

And somehow, those great meals just taste so much better when accompanied by a stunning view – the very same vistas, in fact, that have attracted travellers and cottagers for more than 150 years. As they were back then, the best Muskoka meals are still made using locally sourced ingredients, ensuring the region’s dining experiences are as memorable as the scenery.

These days, a tremendously wide variety of excellent restaurants, cafés, and bars serving delicious food and drink can be enjoyed in Muskoka. Home to some of Canada’s top chefs, Cottage Country’s many fine eateries offer specialty dishes that include everything from locally-sourced maple syrup, cranberries, and spices, to fresh fish and local game, to name just a few home-grown ingredients.


Stellar Food and Drink Experiences in Muskoka 


Adding to your dining pleasure is the fact that many of the very best dishes produced by these establishments are seasonal, made available for only limited periods of time when ingredients are available. 

The Muskoka region is also gaining a reputation for its wines and craft beers, too. Indeed, with five breweries (and counting) calling Cottage Country home, craft beer fans are simply spoiled for choice when it comes to ‘researching’ their new favourite brew.

To keep abreast of the latest news and reviews or the best Muskoka drink and dining experiences – including the top Muskoka restaurants, the best cafés and coffee shops, the swankiest cocktail bars, and great gastropubs – be sure to visit LuxuryMuskoka’s Food & Drink section often for fresh food and drink ideas and experiences.

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